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This book was written to help companies make the leap to Social Business. Organisations are currently facing a need to transform themselves so that they can become more flexible and reactive to a changing environment. The business feels the effects, but so do the people, who go through constant change with uncertainty and who want to feel useful within their organisations.

Today, we have the technology to turn our companies into more effective and productive social businesses that are closer to the needs of our consumers by building "friendly" spaces for people who are the driving force in our organisations. However, technology without a change management and communication model 2.0 may not be fruitful.

Companies of various kinds and in a wide range of sectors such as banking and insurance, retail, public agencies and hospitality have already opted to turn their businesses into "social environments". This book is designed to be a tool to ensure they can successfully achieve their objectives when implementing their Enterprise Social Network.

We'd like to introduce the first guide to collaborative platform implementation methodology!

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